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Why Prognoz

Prognoz Platform is a next-generation business intelligence platform that is highlighted by its business modeling and forecasting ability. Based on mathematical modeling, it serves as a decision support tool that allows users to analyze and plan for "what if" scenarios.

Product Details

Prognoz Platform is a completely integrated business intelligence solution which offers end-users intuitive tools that have extensive analytical capabilities.

Users are able to perform OLAP analysis using dashboarding features like charts, maps, gauges, and tables. They are also able to create and send reports, analyze time series’, model and forecast, and create scorecards.

Aside from the analysis function, there is the integration, development tools, and embeddable analytics module, which includes functions such as the Data Warehouse Designer, ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tools, interactive visualization components, and other integration components. Platform can be integrated with other portals, GIS systems, and Microsoft Office add-ons, among others.




Prognoz's key features include advanced web capabilities to help create reports, scorecards, and dashboards. Design time for reports is typically less than minutes, providing quick insight and quick results from real-time data. Layouts are highly customizable, and content can be easily transfered. All elements and parameters can be edited by the user.

A distinguishing feature of Prognoz is their modeling and forecasting tools, which use a time series analysis to detemine answers to "what if" and "what is neccessary for" scenarios. Parameters for time series analysis and transformations are user-defined, and help create a graphic representation of a time series and its transformation. Calculation of statistical characteristics is automated, and the feature can be integrated with Microsoft Office.

To go along with that, Prognoz also includes a unique library of modeling methods, such as balance and econometric methods. There are also model representations of an oreitented multi-level graph, which contains input and output variables and their interrelation. It helps users identify the best economic triggers under specific restraints.

Dashboard Designer enables end-users to create attractive, interactive documents that utilize graphics, images, and controls. Some graphics available include 3D visualization, data representation through Google, Yandex, and Bing's mapping services, and more. Designer also can create an analytical application in under five minutes, and can be exported to external formats including xls, jpg, png, html, pdf, and others.

Report Designer is similarly robust and gives users the option to customize the entire layout of the report. It can sort and group data and perform conditional formatting, and allows the insertion of text, images, and links.

More of Prognoz's important features are listed below:

Analysis Features
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  • Issue Indicators?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analysis?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • User Friendly Interface?
Reporting Features
  • Ad Hoc Reporting?
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting?
  • Customizable Dashboard?
  • Customizable Features?
  • Dashboard?
  • Financial Forecast/Budget?
  • Graphic Benchmark Tools?
  • Multiple Languages?
  • Performance Measurements?

Target Market

Prognoz works in several fields but are particularly strong in the nonprofit and financial sectors, and work with several international organizations. Below is a list of some of their more notable clients:

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Customer Service & Support

Prognoz has a three-pronged customer service system that includes fundamental BI software development and implementation assistance, training, and consultancy services.

They feature a support service portal which allows customers to create online requests for upgrades and modifications. The requests can then be tracked by the customer, so that it is easy to check for updates. There is also an online forum, and interactive online documentation for all Prognoz products.

Prognoz's training offerings include a breadth of classroom and online courses in both economics and various IT subjects. Onsite classes are taught in Russia in Moscow and Perm, while online classes are routinely available for international customers.

The consulting service offered by Prognoz is based on their own company experience in modeling business processes using fundamental science. Prognoz has expertise in the construction of financial models and business forecasting.


Prognoz is not available in multiple languages, which has been noted as an issue for companies in emerging markets and larger corporations with large linguistic diversity.

While many aspects of customer service are thorough, there is no live online help, nor are customer service representatives available 24/7. Although this has been noted by some customers as a drawback, it is not uncommon among BI vendors to not offer this service. Their training programs, conversely, have been consistently noted as excellent.



Prognoz was founded in 1991 in Perm, Russia, and focuses on business development software. It was created as a joint venture between Russian Academy of Science and the Ministry of the Economy during the Soviet-era. Their most popular offering has been Prognoz Platform, which is now in its fifth iteration. Prognoz translates to "forecast" in Russian, and it is Platform's prognosticating capabilities which have distinguished it in a crowded BI marketplace. Prognoz has offices in Washington, Brussels, Moscow, Philadelphia, Kiev, Beijing, and elsewhere.

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Summary: Prognoz Platform is a next-generation business intelligence platform that is highlighted by its business modeling and forecasting ability. Based on mathematical modeling, it serves as a decision support tool that allows users to analyze and plan for "what if" scenarios.

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