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Why Panorama

The Panorama Necto software is one of the first to present BI data via highly visual infographics. Users can either create their own infographics or choose from a wide range of infographics in Panorama's library.

Product Details

The Panorama Necto software utilizes what Panorama calls “beyond Business Intelligence 3.0″, a self-service, collaborative, data discovery method with visual infographics. By definition, Business Intelligence 3.0 takes the app-centric approach to BI that is based on social collaboration and is accessible from any device.  The Panorama Necto fits this bill.

Users can connect to multiple data sources in just a few clicks. The software uses the xVelocity in-memory engine and has a variety of data connections available out of the box, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata, Salesforce,, and SAP.  Users can even add data from databases and Excel spreadsheets as well.

There are also a sense of collaboration as well – users can share, edit, and discuss dashboards, data, and inforgraphics with other users within a single platform. Notifications can be made in real time – this is good if any urgent action needs to be taken. Users can search for annotations and can make comments either public or private.

This is a self-service and governed software – it employs both basic and advanced analytic features. Any user can create analyzes and visualizations within a secure and single application.

Necto is also available as specific industry solutions, such as finance, manufacturing, media, and retail.  For example, retail companies can use Necto to analyze customer loyalty programs, promotional performances, and track operational performance.


This software employs a wide range of features that we've indicated below. However, we want to mention that it supports the Geo Analytics feature - users can use maps and other location-based services to drill down information. For example, this can be useful for a business that need information on sales/revenue in a particular location. Panorama has also developed a native mobile BI app that users can access from any device.

This software also has a Suggestive Discovery feature, where it will make recommendations on specific trends based on data, profiles, and other user behavior.

Analysis Features
  • Ad Hoc Analysis?
  • Issue Indicators?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analytics?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • User Friendly Interface?
Reporting Features
  • Ad Hoc Reporting?
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting?
  • Customizable Dashboard?
  • Customizable Features?
  • Dashboard?
  • Financial Forecast/Budgeting?
  • Graphic Benchmark Tools?
  • Multiple Languages?
  • Performance Measurements?

Target Market

Panorama's customer lists comes from various industries, such as finance, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Below is a partial list of companies that have used Panorama Software:

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The Panorama Necto software is scalable for any company size. It also has a faster deployment rate than traditional BI software.

Customer Service & Support

Panorama has a web portal for customer support. Users can access the knowledge base, watch video tutorials, and submit requests for help online. Users can also contact customer service by phone or email. Panorama also maintains a forum for users to communicate with other users and Panorama staff and ask questions. Note that Panorama does not offer in-person training or online chat support.


As Panorama Necto works heavily with Microsoft, its platform is not compatible with Macs. Also, its functionality is not supported for Blackberry devices. Also, it does not support multiple languages, as well as profit and predictive analysis features.



Founded in 1993, Panorama Software is the original developer of the OLAP technology that was acquired by Microsoft in 1996, which was rebranded as SQL Server Analysis Services and integrated into the SQL Server platform. Since that sale, Panorama has been focused on delivering innovative Business Intelligence solutions for Microsoft and other BI platforms.

Panorama streamlines business operations through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise BI solution for thousands of customers worldwide and has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, maintaining offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Israel.

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Summary: The Panorama Necto software is one of the first to present BI data via highly visual infographics. Users can either create their own infographics or choose from a wide range of infographics in Panorama's library.

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