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Why Microsoft

Microsoft SharePoint's business intelligence tools provide users with insights into all data types, regardless of the source. It provides customers with user-friendly tools whose complexity remains on the cutting edge.

Product Details

Microsoft’s SharePoint business intelligence tools are designed to provide users with easy-to-use analysis tools that they can implement without assistance. With programs like Excel that are specifically designed to empower the individual employee, it is simple to create reports and share analytical insights. One of SharePoint’s unique features is Power Pivot, an add-on to Excel that allows users to access and compare massive amounts of raw data from any source. Billions of rows of data can be analyzed efficiently.

SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s two business intelligence servers. As a Web application platform, SharePoint can provide companies with intranets that can store, organize, and share within a set group content like documents, videos, photos, and spreadsheets. SharePoint’s intranet service can improve communication between employees by more effectively and comprehensively sharing important information.

SharePoint can also be used to create extranet or internet websites, that can be password protected to limit to a specific audience.


SharePoint's business intelligence products offer numerous advanced features, some of which are listed below. A notable component of Microsoft's technologies in this field is the ease of accessibility for the average user to in-depth intelligence processes. The most recent Excel SharePoint software provides a tool called Inquire, which allows users to track the most important spreadsheets within SharePoint and then comparing and contrasting the information and conducting interactive diagnostics.

Microsoft also provides mobile access to SharePoint, allowing users to navigate reports, dashboards, and other applications through iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Analysis Features
  • Ad Hoc Analysis?
  • Issue Indicators?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analysis?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • User Friendly Interface?
Reporting Features
  • Ad Hoc Reporting?
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting?
  • Customizable Dashboard?
  • Customizable Features?
  • Dashboard?
  • Financial Forecast/Budget?
  • Graphic Benchmark Tools?
  • Multiple Languages?
  • Performance Measurements?

Target Market

Microsoft's broad array of intelligence products serve businesses, schools, other software companies, law enforcement, and more. Below are examples of some notable clients:

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Customer Service & Support

Microsoft includes an online help center called TechNet that provides dynamic and interactive customer service tools. It includes a 'Scenario' tool for SharePoint that allows users to go through their exact scenario and view advice and additional information to help resolve issues. It also includes various planning guides, deployment techniques, and FAQ sections to assist users.

Its Learning Center includes videos on business intelligence, resources including white papers, and an updated lists of events for customers to attend.


Sharepoint does not yet have the capability to be used with an iPhone or an iPad without downloading an external app, and there are no plans to orient it towards a more Mac-friendly system. While downloading an app will make Sharepoint functional with Mac, the program has been found my some users to be cumbersome and slow.

Others have critiqued the software for being too slow and too complex for non-tech experts. Specifically, moving documents from one place to another has proven to be confusing. Some found it difficult to navigate in general. Some companies may need a specialized SharePoint administrator, which can be expensive.



Microsoft is an American corporation based in Redmond, Washington that does business across the globe. It develops, supports, and sells computers, computer software, software services and various other electronics. It is perhaps best known for its line of products in the Microsoft Office suite that are fundamental to most PC users (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc). It also produces the Microsoft Windows operating systems, along with a line of tablets and game consoles. Founded by Bill Gates and Steve Allen, Microsoft was one of the first businesses of its kind in history, and has grown into one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the world.

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