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Why Dimensional Insight

Dimensional Insight's “Diver Solution” is an end-to-end business intelligence tool, including time-sensitive data integration in a single view, helping users deploy role-based BI throughout their businesses.

Product Details

Dimensional Insight’s Diver Solution provides the unique flexibility needed to implement business intelligence on a role-by-role basis across an organization. Rich data visualization, significant data integration capabilities, and a wide variety of data access options empower users of all skill levels to employ these tools and gain insights.

One of the most notable features of the product is its ability to provide data integration in a single view, at the right time. Diver data discovery tools gather data from multiple sources and transform it into a data model. Diver’s technology processes the data as this is happening, meaning that insights for analysis and reporting are already prepared. By eliminating data heirachies and other complex barriers, Diver simplifies and cheapens the discovery process, as their is no need to spend additional resources on a data warehouse and associated licensing fees.

Another feature is the speed at which insights are drawn.

The Diver Solution Powerful analytics, integration and dashboard capabilities Browser-based and disconnected analytical clients An extensive suite of DATA VISUALIZATION options Ad hoc analytics that facilitate data exploration from a point and click INTERFACE Visual data discovery and ETL tools Interactive dashboards for disseminating metrics and indicators Hassle free administration and maintenance Real-time alerts, event scheduling, and automated report distribution Centralized account administration and security Self-service report generation minimizes IT SUPPORT requests No database required to host data models


Dimensional Insight's Diver Solution provides users with a host of features, including data governance, data visualization, data warehousing, report building, and graphical user interface, in addition to the capabilities listed below:

Analysis Features
  • Ad Hoc Analysis?
  • Issue Indicators?
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)?
  • Predictive Analysis?
  • Profit Analysis?
  • Trend Indicators?
  • User Friendly Interface?
Reporting Features
  • Ad Hoc Reporting?
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting?
  • Customizable Dashboard?
  • Customizable Features?
  • Dashboard?
  • Financial Forecast/Budgeting?
  • Graphic Benchmark Tools?
  • Multiple Languages?
  • Performance Measurements?

Target Market

Dimensional Insight has clients across industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, technology, apparel, and publishing. Of note are the ten hospitals within the St. Luke's Health System in Kansas City, Missouri which they serve. Some of their other noteworthy clients are listed here below:

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Customer Service & Support

Dimensional Insight prides itself on the simplicity of the setup and maintenance of the Diver Solution, and it's staff is available to support issues that arise.

Phone representatives are available to both domestic and international clients from 7:00AM to 5:00PM Central Standard Time. To supplement this direct support, their software download and installation kit comes with a set of product manuals that are routinely updated in the DI-Downloads section of their website.

Online, users can log into a Customer section to access more in-depth materials. Dimensional Insight also offers comprehensive education services to users through numerous classes and tutorials that are offered both in person and online.


Many users have noted that Dimensional Insight is not especially adept at analyzing and handling expecially large amoutns of information, specially unstructured data. As a result, users employing Diver for analytics of huge data sets might run into issues.

The Diver Solution is a very broad-based tool, so users with very specific needs in certain areas might be better serviced with a niche vendor.



Dimensional Insight is a software company notable for its business intelligence platform, the Diver Solution. Founded in 1989 by Frederick Powers and Stanley Zanarotti, Dimensional Insight has expanded from its inception to include subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China, and the Netherlands. The Diver Solution has become particularly significant in the healthcare industry, and has grown as it rolled out its cloud offering.

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Summary: Dimensional Insight's “Diver Solution” is an end-to-end business intelligence tool, including time-sensitive data integration in a single view, helping users deploy role-based BI throughout their businesses.

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