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Indicee BI platform dashboard.

Indicee BI platform dashboard.

Find the right BI tool for your organization

Businesses today have access to more data than ever.

But collecting and analyzing that data and turning it into useful information is a big challenge.  

Business Intelligence Software can help decision makers get access to the data they need so they can quickly adapt to changing conditions and identify new opportunities.

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Use the reviews below to compare the top Business Intelligence solutions.

Actuate’s BIRT business intelligence software, known for its focus on open source, utilizes an Eclipse platform to streamline reports help generate useful insights with three unique types of reporting tools.

Alteryx’s BI platform is powered by a unique datablending capability which seamlessly unites cloud data, third party data, and internal company information, creating a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Arcplan offers their customers two platforms as a way to deliver Business Intelligence functionality – the Enterprise platform and Engage platform, and can integrate with other BI tools.

BIME Analytics is a cloud-based data analysis and dashboard platform, providing companies of all sizes with both simplified and speedy access to insights through state of the art visualizations.

Birst’s BI solutions include a wide variety of features, such as big data, data warehouse automation, and data mashups. Users can choose between two platforms based on their needs.

Bitam provides an easy-to-use and flexible business intelligence platform for all business users, regardless of technical knowledge or expertise, to create and run dashboards on their own.

Ana-Data Clear Analytics supports and expands the capabilities of Microsoft Excel by allowing users to receive accurate data on-demand, while also providing expansive self-service access to BI insights.

A longtime BI vendor, Clickbase is a fully-functional business intelligence platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses get the most out of their data and generate real insights.

GoodData provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) via its cloud-based Open Analytics Platform. It combines IT’s need for data governance with the business user’s need for self-service BI.

Dimensional Insight’s “Diver Solution” is an end-to-end business intelligence tool that is especially prominent in the healthcare industry, offering users time-sensitive data integration in a single view.

Halo BI provides flexible and scalable deployment options, including PaaS, and offers a lower total cost of ownership than some traditional business intelligence software.

High IQ provides a personalized business intelligence service to small to medium sized companies that want to work with big data analytics, but lack the resources for traditional BI solutions.

IBM Cognos offers a diversity of BI products for any size company, including unique software that can provide small businesses with the same depth of analytical insight as corporate giants.

With its 100% cloud-based solution, Indicee helps businesses find the answers and insights to their company’s performance, including the tracking and analysis of their social data.

TIBCO Jaspersoft is a business intelligence solution that offers self-service access to an embeddable reporting and analytics platform, helping to speed up the time to insights, and make decisions faster.

Logi Analytics provides BI solutions for all sizes of businesses. Their most unique offering is an embedded analytics capability, which integrates dashboards and reports into existing applications.

Looker is an easy to use platform that doesn’t require coding or users to be experienced analysts with SQL knowledge. It helps companies make better decisions via real-time access to their data.

Microsoft SharePoint business intelligence is a cloud-based platform with tools that allow non-tech users to easily access information with user-friendly tools and publish insights online.

Microstrategy’s popular Business Intelligence platform allows users to get real-time information to aid in their decision-making in a quick manner – even from within the dashboard itself.

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Foundation Suite is an all-in-one solution with a variety of features that helps to eliminate the need for multiple tools and lower a company’s cost of ownership.

One of the few platforms that support Business Intelligence 3.0, Panorama’s Necto focuses heavily on highly visual infographics, self-service, and collaboration, helping users gain real-world insights into their data.

Pentaho offers BI software that distinguishes itself by its ability to unite data integration processes with business analytics. This seamless approach helps users efficiently integrate and visualize key information.

Prognoz Platform is a BI tool that is highlighted by its business modeling and forecasting capabilities. It serves as a decision support tool allowing users to analyze and prepare for “what if” situations.

Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office is a business intelligence tool based on the Microsoft BI platform, including complex OLAP analysis and in-memory capabilities, and offering data discovery with robust analytic features.

Qlikview is a self-service BI tool that consolidates data sources, including legacy systems, to streamline data analysis. The platform uses an in-memory processor to provide extremely fast, real-time insights.

Salient offer features that aligns with the latest BI technology – collaboration, self-service, and instant access to information. Their platform is user-friendly and available to anyone in the organization.


SAP’s BusinessObject BI solution allows anyone, regardless of job function, to customize, and analyze BI data with little to no involvement from their own IT department, giving self-serve access.


SAS provides a comprehensive business intelligence solution that empowers any user to analyze data and run reports, while still giving control of software maintenance and deployment to IT.

Strategy Companion’s Analyzer platform is a self-service BI that is accessible and scalable for all users. Its new Recombinant BI functionality is a unique way for users to answer new questions.

Tableau is high-speed, user-friendly business intelligence tool that offers non-experts swift data access and the ability to create dashboards and visualizations in a matter of clicks.

Tibco Spotfire offers its users a versatile, feature-rich business intelligence platform that can deliver fast answers to important business questions without having to rely on IT.

Yellowfin focuses heavily on mobile and collaboration functionality, offering users Location Intelligence for viewing and drilling data in maps to gain better context and make smarter business decisions.

Information Builders’ WebFOCUS tool is a BI platform notable for its linear scalability and for maintaining operating speed and functionality even after its user size has doubled.

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