The 10 Most Important BI Stories of 2014

Top BI Stories of 2014

2014 was a big year for business intelligence. From the emergence of new technologies to game-changing mergers and acquisitions in the industry, there was no shortage of compelling developments in the field. With the New Year now underway, we took a look back at some of the most compelling and widely shared business intelligence stories […]

Why Cognitive Computing Is about to Change the Way You Think about Data Analytics

Cognitive Computing

You don’t need to look much further than the estimated $3 billion in venture capital investment made from 2009-2013 in new analytics-related ventures to get an idea of the excitement surrounding big data and analytics. And what’s more is that this sum doesn’t even count the mountains of money being poured into R&D and acquisitions […]

Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Business intelligence is changing the nature of healthcare around the world. More data is available to medical organizations than ever before. And more powerful, accessible, and affordable software exists than ever before. BI tools are empowering healthcare professionals to draw insights from their data that save money and improve patient outcomes. The future will only see an […]

5 Pitfalls of Using Spreadsheets for Business Analytics

If you analyze data, chances are you use spreadsheets in some capacity. And with good reason: spreadsheets are easy to use for simple data analysis and calculations, and they allow you to visualize simple tabular data via charts and graphs. However, spreadsheets have limitations that many business users are not aware of or unwilling to […]