BI Industry Monthly Roundup: March

125938740 (1)Each month, BI Software Insight will report on the major developments in the business intelligence industry, highlighting the most important news from vendors across the field.

This roundup will include purchases, partnerships, investments, and new and updated software releases.


 2014 markedthe debut of Yellowfin in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant review of the business intelligence field. The software company also made headlines for its top ranking in BARC’s The BI Survey 13. Yellowfin was ranked first in ten different metrics under the Dashboard Vendor Category, including Cloud BI, Mobile BI, and performance satisfaction.

Yellowfin also announced the signing of a deal with SenPhi, a New Zealand provider of design and implementation services. The reseller agreement means that SenPhi can provide its customers with Yellowfin BI solutions. A key reason for the choice, according to SenPhi’s Managing Director Esteban Fernandez Drovetta, was the demand amongst their clients for an easy to use, customer-friendly tool.


DataRPM, a 2012 startup company that sought to bring a simple, Google-inspired search function to business intelligence software, has been given a significant boost with $5.1 million in new funding from investors.

The new funding will allow DataRPM to expand its focus. Its new initiatives offer a storage and indexing functionality that gathers information from multiple sources, and basically functions as an alternative to a data warehouse. DataRPM executives say that the idea was developed because of time: it takes too long to get data into data warehouses such as Teradata, and it takes too long to get data out of places like Hadoop.

The software is not seeking to expressly replace data warehouses, rather, to expedite the process by indexing the information and streamlining searches.

Information Builders

Information Builders was recently featured in a KLAS report as a top cost-effective BI solution for the healthcare industry. The report, titled “Healthcare Analytics: Making Sense of the Puzzle Pieces”, noted that Information Builders was near the top of a number of categories, including integration support, and that it provided a better platform for ad-hoc queries. Specifically, the report noted Information Builders’ enterprise master data application, Omni-Patient, as an important new tool in the “emerging” category. Omni-Patient essentially allows users to obtain a holistic picture of individual patients in a single viewing.

Over 20 vendors were reviewed in the report by KLAS, an organization devoted to reviewing and rating the major players in the field healthcare related technology.


InfoBuild has finished work on a new product, WebFOCUS Express, and will offer a debut demonstration of the software at the ITWeb Business Intelligence 2014 Summit. The new software is a Web-based business intelligence tool designed for smaller businesses to execute complete, cutting-edge BI functions without costly hardware or software maintenance. A key innovation of the tool, according to InfoBuild, is that all dashboarding, reporting, and analysis can be done in a single place on the Web.

The Summit, which was hosted in Rivonia, South Africa on March 26, focused on analytics and operational business intelligence at the departmental level, and for smaller companies.


Swedish software producer Decision Support Panel has released a new enterprise performance management system, pcFinancials, version 3. The latest upgrade from DSPanel provides users with a basic overview of the entire system thanks to its unified platform, which means there is no need for juggling complicated multiple systems. Some of the tool’s other key features include its compatibility with mobile devices, and its ease of use, accessible even to those without any technical expertise.


A new business intelligence software called Altosoft Insight 5.0 was recently released by Kofax. Insight’s critical features are headlined by a distributed in-memory architecture called MapAggregate, which results in a vastly swifter querying and reporting process. Insight also includes continuous simulation technology that provides real-time updates, so that data insights reflect, up to the moment, the very latest information.

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