BI Industry Monthly Roundup: August

125938740 (1)Each month, BI Software Insight will report on the major developments in the business intelligence industry, highlighting the most important news from vendors across the field.

This roundup will include purchases, partnerships, investments, and new and updated software releases.


Big data has finally caught up with SAS.

The company has announced that it has moved several of its analytics packages to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The move will allow SAS to be more competitive in in a BI environment increasingly dominated by big data.

The enterprise vendor with an extensive analytics offering has maintained its standing as a top BI vendor in the era of big data. Yet some of its products are at risk of becoming legacy tools that can only work with enterprise data warehouses.

The focus in the business intelligence market today is shifting to Hadoop, big data, and tools like R, an open source statistical computing and graphics platform.

SAS faces a few distinct challenges: it is designed to be on-premise, and big data software is run on the cloud. Furthermore, increasing amounts of data scientists are learning new big data tools in school, and may see SAS as outdated.

By making its analytics tools available on AWS, SAS is providing users with big data software on a medium they are familiar with.


A startup BI vendor specializing in visualizations and analytics has raised $3 million in its latest round of funding.

Izenda already has several high profile clients, including Oracle, Infor, and Towers Watson.

The investors include Ethos Capital and Hawthorne Capital. The firms will also be serving Izenda in an advisory capacity as it continues to grow. Some commentators have noted this could be just as valuable as the cash support.

Izenda currently has about 30 employees, and is looking to grow as it expands its customer base and gains additional investments.


Yellowfin’s latest product offering is revolutionizing location analytics.

The company’s executives say that about 80 percent of data from corporations has a “spatial element,” meaning that much of the information produced can be added in to a map. There have been few products which fully capitalize upon this aspect of business intelligence.

Yellowfin’s product incorporates its exisiting BI capabilities with these location analytics in a few simple ways: by empowering users to create multilayered, detailed maps, by geocoding down to the zip code level and allowing users to input geocode data as they work, and by implementing demographic data, allowing for location-based insights.

The location analytics enhancements are a critical part of Yellowfin’s product upgrade, Yellowfin 7.1, released in August.

Premier Inc.

A multi-billion dollar health system is rolling out an advanced business intelligence system designed specifically to capitalize on its clinical and financial data.

The Bon Secours health system of hospitals and medical facilities, which stretches across six states, will employ Premier Inc’s business intelligence and cloud-based data warehouse software.

Premier has been providing Bon Secours with supply chain technologies for several years.

The tool is called the PremierConnect Enterprise, and offers Bon Secour membership in the Data Alliance Collaborative (DAC). The DAC is a healthcare provider-driven initiative that is devleoping business intelligence to address healthcare performance.

The collaborative is comprised of eight leading U.S. health facilities.

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