Fighting Crime with Data: How Law Enforcement is Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Keep Us Safe


Information catches criminals. That’s always been a fact. Law enforcement agencies have been taking advantage of data analytics since the mid-1990’s. But it’s only been within the last few years, however, that a flurry of programs launched across the country have begun to fully realize the potential of data intelligence in preventing crime. History The […]

The 23 Most Influential Business Intelligence Blogs

25 Must Follow BI Blogs

Business intelligence never stands still. In a rapidly changing landscape, even experts need to work hard to stay abreast of the latest developments and insights. Countless resources exist to shepherd business intelligence users through these fluctuating ideas and frequent innovations. Below is a collection of the best. Many reflect unique perspectives from across the field […]

BI Industry Monthly Roundup: August

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Each month, BI Software Insight will report on the major developments in the business intelligence industry, highlighting the most important news from vendors across the field. This roundup will include purchases, partnerships, investments, and new and updated software releases. SAS Big data has finally caught up with SAS. The company has announced that it has moved […]

Transforming Data into Insights: 7 Real World Use Cases


Data is shaping culture and society. You may not be aware of it, but business intelligence has exerted a revolutionizing influence across industries. Data analytics was once a force in the shadows. Today insights are shaping the headlines, helping corporations, non-profits, and even Major League Baseball teams improve their organization’s performance. 1. Capitalizing Ticket Sales on Broadway Producers from […]