How Open Are You? 3 Considerations When Evaluating a BI Platform

With today’s increasing variety of data, business intelligence solutions are challenged in ways not previously imagined as they strive to provide value to organizations. Many BI solutions will suffer when challenged with integration and openness requirements that allow data, application and workflow sharing that was simply not defined nor understood when the product was first […]

5 Pitfalls of Using Spreadsheets for Business Analytics

If you analyze data, chances are you use spreadsheets in some capacity. And with good reason: spreadsheets are easy to use for simple data analysis and calculations, and they allow you to visualize simple tabular data via charts and graphs. However, spreadsheets have limitations that many business users are not aware of or unwilling to […]

Why Data Without Analysis Is Meaningless

Big Data Analytics

‘Big data’ as a buzzword has captured just as much attention as any. For the most part this attention is well deserved, but I’m afraid that in paying so much attention to big data we may be leaving out the most important part: analytics. That is to say, creating, documenting, and retrieving vast amounts of […]

Missing The Mark: Why Data Discovery Tools Leave Gaps for Enterprises

Many professionals who use business intelligence (BI) tools agree that data discovery is crucial to an organization’s ability to derive true value from its enterprise information assets. Data discovery, which is similar to data visualization but with an interactive component, can be supported by many software solutions on the market today, including advanced BI platforms […]