Governed Data Discovery: What You Need to Know

Governed Data Discovery

Governed Data Discovery is one of the trending buzzword of 2014. The term made its debut in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant Report. Gartner first popularized the term data discovery  and now is adding governed to the term. While it forms a great acronym, GDD, the clear question here is what does Governed Data Discovery actually mean? […]

The Future of Data Warehousing: 7 Industry Experts Share Their Predictions

Future of Data Warehousing

The days of using spreadsheets to manage a company’s data are long gone. The big data revolution has brought profound changes to how companies collect, store, manage, and analyze their data. Advances in data warehousing have empowered companies to take millions of rows of disparate bits of information and generate on-demand, real-time insights to help make smarter, data-driven […]

The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics Infographic

Predictive Analytics Infographic Featured Image

Predictive analytics helps business see their future. Quickly becoming mainstream, predictive analytics tools can comb through a company’s data to identify hidden patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities. But how do businesses get started? How can they apply predictive analytics to increase sales and customer loyalty? BI Software Insight has partnered with AgileOne, a leading predictive marketing […]

Big Data Degrees

Big data skills are in demand. Businesses are increasingly looking to data scientists and analysts to help make sense of the seemingly overwhelming amount of data that’s being generated every day. Both knowledge and experience are critical to be successful in this data-centric world. With that in mind, BI Software Insight has partnered with more […]