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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence refers to the methods and technologies that businesses use to gather and analyze raw data to help companies make business decisions. Business intelligence is not a new concept – the term was first introduced in the late 1980s but didn’t gain widespread usage until the early 2000s. In the beginning, the IT department would run complex business reports and share them with top executives. Now, thanks to a wide range of business intelligence software, any business user can run and access the information themselves in a quick manner.

Business Intelligence software gives businesses a way to keep all their data in one place where it can be viewed and combined into reports. Rather than each department and functional area keeping its own databases and documents, business intelligence software collects all of that information and combines it in one system where it can easily be accessed, organized, and used to make business decisions.

Business Intelligence is often called an “umbrella term” and refers to the technologies and activities that extract meaning out of large sets of data. BI activities include querying, reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining. Whether you’re sorting columns in spreadsheets or trolling through terabytes of Big Data using sophisticated software, some basic background information is helpful.

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7 Business Intelligence Stats That Will Surprise You


Business intelligence is influencing the way the world works in unexpected ways. It is well known that companies use BI to improve insight into their businesses. But just how important are these insights? And just how deep is the ocean of information they’re mining? There are a number of remarkable statistics that reveal the impact […]

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The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics Infographic

Predictive Analytics Infographic Featured Image

Predictive analytics helps business see their future. Quickly becoming mainstream, predictive analytics tools can comb through a company’s data to identify hidden patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities. But how do businesses get started? How can they apply predictive analytics to increase sales and customer loyalty? BI Software Insight has partnered with AgileOne, a leading predictive marketing […]

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BI Industry Monthly Roundup: June

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Each month, BI Software Insight will report on the major developments in the business intelligence in dustry, highlighting the most important news from vendors across the field. This roundup will include purchases, partnerships, investments, and new and updated software releases. Cloudera Cloudera has made a lot of noise in the BI market with its latest purchase […]

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Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Business intelligence is changing the nature of healthcare around the world. More data is available to medical organizations than ever before. And more powerful, accessible, and affordable software exists than ever before. BI tools are empowering healthcare professionals to draw insights from their data that save money and improve patient outcomes. The future will only see an […]

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